Affiliate Marketing on the Gaming Industry

Even before leaving college, Arran had plans of simply providing a free gaming platform to allow millions of people out there access free games always. However, he’d not figured out how to convince the online game vendors to avail their games for free download. Upon leaving college as a graduate, he thought it was the perfect time to seek for funding to help him realize his dream. In a bid to estimate the cost of running a free game download website, he stumbled upon a material that helped him learn how to run a free game download website at an absolutely minimal cost, as well as earn a lot of money through it; becoming an affiliate marketer.

After learning a lot from the article, Arran went ahead to read more about affiliate marketing networks, specifically, those that best fit his model of service provision; pay per download and pay per install. He noted that joining these networks was very easy. The next thing he did was to start shopping around for a good and affordable web designer and developer. In a few months, his website was up and running. He’d signed up with a number of affiliate marketing networks. He now can comfortably brag to earn passive income from his website; it’s a success story for Arran Brown.

What is PPI and PPD

PPI stands for pay per install whereas PPD stands for pay per download.

Pay per install is where when you go to download a software along with it a toolbar comes or an application. PPI pays less than PPD yet it is a lot more typical you will acquire a sale as a result of the fact that not everyone manages to finish the deals given by a PPD. PPI just works with software program nonetheless, it has  a general  rate around 1$ for US installs and also 0.50 for various other countries. Whereas in PPD depending on the country as well as the offer the individual finishes you can make 25$+ on a single sale. An example of PPD is AjaxFiles and for PPI is PerInstallCash.


The image below shows the payout rate an affiliate network (CashMyLinks) pays for every transfer done with their software. The amount is dependent on the geographic location obviously. But the bottomline is, affiliating offer earns cash.


Which converts more earnings for you? PPI or PPD? Feel free to comment below.