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What is PPD and PPI?

Pay per Download

This is part of a marketing network system that works in a way that the affiliate marketer receives pay whenever their website visitor makes a download of a digital material on offer on their website and in this case a free game. In PPD, the affiliate marketing website hosts other parties’ contentment and offers them as free downloads to their visitors. Continue Reading

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The Gigantic Gaming Industry

In the recent times, there has been a unique trend experienced that has taken the web by storm. This trend has seen online gaming become an enormous industry providing the much sought after gaming services to its fanatics. It’s for sure true that online gaming industry can now be classified as a serious contender for a share of the web space. Continue Reading

The Growth of the Gaming Industry

Most people do not admit it, but we love to play “games”. For  reasons of their own, people have contributed to the enormous growth of the gaming industry through the years. It is no surprise that collectively, the revenue is of staggering proportion. In 2009, the NPD Group, a research company released its study that computer and video games have earned the industry $10.5 billion!

In 2013, NPD released the latest statistics. A whooping $65 billion spend on games with $10 billion as profit.

Apparently, playing games is a serious business indeed.