Super Mario PC Challenge 6

Playing as either Mario or Luigi you must conquer over 40 levels to rescue the captured Princess and defend the Tower against Bowser. With what looks and sounds like some spin-off from Super Mario Land you have the chance to play Mario’s new PC adventure.

Unfortunately although it looks like and sounds similar to classic Super Mario games, it plays nothing like them. In fact the playability is awful. The inability to make the character jump in any way but at a diagonal is a crucial flaw. It means the whole game feels completely alien to anything anyone would recognise as Mario-esque.

This game obviously had a lot of time spent on it. Over 40 levels, plenty of different graphics, a Mario-style level-select map and a loose storyline all show that the creator tryed to make it a classic, but with such bad playability it makes me wonder how he could jusify to himself all the time he must have spent creating the game. Such a promising premise which ultimately makes it even more disappointing.

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Super Mario PC Challenge 6
Publisher Ralph89
Year 2005
Genre platform
Players 1
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (822 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
Download* Here
Size 2.74MB

Requirements: Windows 95+
Recommended: Windows XP

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