Saboteur 95

Saboteur 95 is a Windows remake of the author’s DOS-based game of the same name, which was in fact a remake of the classic game Saboteur. So does that mean this game is old and stale? Not in my view.

With over 400 rooms to explore this platform game has plenty of life in it along with a whole host of enemies and fierce creatures that you will meet along the way. This is trully platform action like it used to be with a fresh modern look.

However there are unfortunately a couple of downfalls. For example I noticed a fairly easy way to kill most of the enemies which I expect many others will also discover. It wasn’t fool-proof but it made the game a bit easier than it was probably designed to be. And I was not too sure about how the life bar seems to replenish itself far too easily. But apart from that I cannot see anything else wrong with the game.

Overall I suggest that you put half an hour free and download this game. It may look a little out-dated compared to the ultra-slick 3D world we may be used to these days, but for gameplay all authors compare their games to classics like Saboteur.

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Saboteur 95
Publisher Alexandru Simion
Year 2005
Genre platform
Players 1
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (15 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
Download* Here
Size 8.87MB

Requirements: Windows 98+, DirectX 8+
Recommended: Windows XP, 500 Mhz+ Processor, 128 MB RAM

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