Elite – The New Kind

Anyone who is old enough to have been playing computer games in the 1980s will remember one game above all others – Elite. And now here is your chance to play the game which we all remember, but this time using a brand new version written for Windows.

With all the details from the original but with a cleaner interface and sounds you will be plunged straight back into the game as if you never stopped playing the original. And with all the playability of the game from the Eighties you’ll be playing for hours.

You can play by making an honest living by transporting cargo and passengers across the universe or even mining valuable deposits in far away planets. But then again you might want to survive by attacking passing ships ready to steal their cargo and living with the intergalatic police always on the search for you. Either way the size of this game will keep you entertained for years.

If you played the original then download this game now, else I strongly recommend downloading it anyway because you’ll still love this game.

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Elite – The New Kind
Publisher Christian Pinder
Year 2001
Genre action
Players 1
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (184 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
Download* Here
Size 491KB

Requirements: Windows95+, DirectX6.0+
Recommended: Unknown

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