Ignac just got his grades from school, and his parents are no where near happy with them. This means he’ll be stuck in his room with nothing to do, if only he could find a way out to see his friends.

This great looking game is a definite download. If you like the point-and-click style games of the Monkey Island series then you’ll feel immediately at home with this game. The good points of Ignac being it’s professional visual and audio quality, and easy to pick up gameplay.

Its bad points however are the hidden ‘bag’ which can be found at the bottom of the screen, and its far too sensitive pressure points. I say this, because one of the problems involves picking up an object from under a rug – which is coded badly due to two different reasons: 1) You have to click on the exact point on the rug, a wider area should of been used (Fitt’s Law) and 2) You have to cycle between different actions, and a pickup action should of been also suitable for this, but was useless in the game.

So, is this game good or bad? Well, to keep it simple – good. Well put together, good puzzles, great level of quality. It just needs some tweaking here and there – perhaps just one cursor action which automatically changes depending where you point on screen, and definitely larger pressure points.

Oh, and the game is currently called IgnacDemo due to the fact that it is currently only a small game, and the developer hopes to make the adventure much bigger eventually.

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Ignac
Publisher Maniac
Year 2002
Genre rpg
Players 1
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (36 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
Download* Here
Size 3.89MB

Requirements: Windows95+, 16MB Ram
Recommended: 133Mhz Processor, 32MB Ram, Soundcard

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