League Handball Manager

A long time ago I was watching the television programme we get in the UK called TransWorld Sport. On this particular episode was a sport called Handball. It looked interesting, but as they don’t seem to play it anywhere in this country that I can find, I never really took another interest into it.

That is, until I saw this game on the internet. Having tried practically every other sports manager game I thought that I’d might as well give this game a go, and so I did. First impressions were that of confusion, but after playing a few games I started to understand the basic rules, and it was then that I started to enjoy the game.

With 9 different leagues (2 of which are women) and a stack full of players, each with 20 odd attributes, this game certainly has the statistics that all manager games require. The simulation of the actual matches also seems quite good (well at least I could understand what was going on) and all the realtime statistics and player ratings were well chosen.

Now for the bad points, this mainly revolved around that of the transfer market. This was ok, but is was impossible to filter out certain attributes of players, and made searching for new players extremely time consuming, and somewhat boring. Another point is that after playing it for a while, it does seem to get very repetitive, I know all manager games do a bit, perhaps an option of making the matches more indepth, or improved graphics or something.

Well, what is my view on the game? For someone who didn’t know how Handball worked at all before playing this game, I’m impressed. For those of you from Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy or wherever else Handball is a big sport, this is well worth a look at. Good game.

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title League Handball Manager
Publisher Anders Busch Hansen
Year 2002
Genre sport
Players 1
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (182 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
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Size 577KB

Requirements: Windows95+, 100Mhz Processor
Recommended: Handball knowledge

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