The first time I played this I wasn’t captivated by it, in fact I thought it was boring. That was until I attempted to work out what I was meant to be doing, and actually enjoy the game for what it is, and not what I wanted it to be.

The objective of the game is to be the first one to build a castle with a height of 100 units. Obviously this is easier if you have more builders, who in turn can make more bricks. Also you can attack the opposition’s castle, where more soldiers means more fire power. And finally there is magic, which can increase and decrease almost everything, where once again more magicians means more spells. By selecting your favoured card you modify all the features I just mentioned in a bid to get your castle built first.

So, is it any good? Once you’ve worked out what each thing does (which doesn’t take long) it is very fun. Not only does the playability seem of a fairly good standard, the graphics and sound are equally as good. The whole game in fact has a certain quality to it that many freeware games lack. Although after a few plays this game becomes a bit repetitive, this game is definitely worth a download!

Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Ants
Publisher Miroslav Nemecek
Year 2001
Genre strategy
Players 2
License Freeware
Gosfish Rating
User Rating (202 Ratings) (Click to Rate)
Download* Here
Size 684KB

Requirements: Windows95+
Recommended: Unknown

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