Every aspect of Pendulous has been designed with simplicity and strategy in mind. You now have a game that is easy to learn, fast to play, and allows great strategic freedom.

This is a game of teritorial conquests. Players are awarded victory points each turn, and the player with the greatest number of victory points after the last turn is the winner. Victory points are awarded for the number of squares that you occupy, with extra points for reinforcements and cities.

This game is very much a combination of older games such as GO and Risk to name just two. This game is fairly easy to get into, but at the same time has alot to teach you. A reasonable effort, but definitely only for the determined strategy and war-based game players who are willing to shell out $15 for a substandard game.

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Reviewed By Gosfish

Title Pendulous
Publisher Kamyan Software
Year 1992
Genre strategy
Players 2
License Shareware – ie. some restrictions
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Download Here
Size 92KB

Requirements: Windows3.1+
Recommended: Unknown