Using Paid Traffic To Promote PPI or PPD Gaming Offers

Gaming is a big industry that attracts both men and women, young and old. This is then also the reason why many game based businesses have emerged to cater to such audience. But due to technology, companies have then naturally shifted to the online world. That has consequently opened the gates to a wider reach, even as far as the other side of the globe.


Now, it is important for this specific enterprise to be able to effectively promote products and earnestly communicate with clients. This can be through social media accounts and/or through the launch of your website. But there is more to these platforms though and that is with the use of PPC affiliate marketing.
Here is a competitive method where you invest in marketers to do the promotions for you. These people will be able to earn an income when visitors of the website will do actions such as clicking of ads and banners and then more importantly, buying from you, the merchant site. This is what you would call paid traffic.

Supposing your game website is pushing offers, may it be PPI (pay per install) or PPD (pay per download), it is necessary that you make use of the paid traffic. When one of the audience is to check out any of the two, not only will both parties (merchant and marketer) benefit, more so on the monetary side, you will also be able to expose your brand name and build your reputation.


Pay per install works when an individual downloads and installs a game. Even though it may be free for those users, the person who has effectively advertised and achieved action with it will earn his or her rightful commission. Pay per download, on the other hand, is when someone is to choose to download a particular application, they will have to accomplish an action before being directed to the download page of the file. A usual action would be answering a survey or two. When that is done, the user can then already download the game he or she is interested in. That whole process will have to be successful for a marketer to earn as well.

Both of these methods are by all means good and competent. And with pay per click used for the promotions of these offers, then it becomes a lot more feasible.

You can go visit the STM PPC forum if you want to know more about paid traffic and its many purposes, especially when relating to affiliate marketing in general.

What is PPI and PPD

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