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What is PPD and PPI?

Pay per Download

This is part of a marketing network system that works in a way that the affiliate marketer receives pay whenever their website visitor makes a download of a digital material on offer on their website and in this case a free game. In PPD, the affiliate marketing website hosts other parties’ contentment and offers them as free downloads to their visitors.

Advantages of Pay per download

With pay per download marketing, the affiliate marketer gets an opportunity to list targeted products from a wide range of digital products. Pay per download also presents an enormous promotional opportunity to an affiliate marketer. With PPD, the affiliate marketer can still market other products in form of sponsored tags alongside the listed products. The other advantage of PPD network is that it does not limit membership; it is easy to join the network.

Disadvantages of Pay per download

To benefit from pay per download, the affiliate marketer is required to sign up for a PPD marketing network. With the signing up, the marketer is bound to adhere to the network’s regulations, or risk their benefit. Successful free game download campaigns require adherence to these regulations.

Cost-per-install affiliate networks offer pay based on an install completed by a user using a per install model (also known as CPI model). The affiliate marketer gets the opportunity to earn from them free games and apps by promoting them to his/her audience. Typically, CPI costs about 3 dollars, a good indication that affiliate marketers can seize the opportunity and accumulate wealth.

Advantages of PPI

  1. 1. PPI is a motivation for more download. With a guaranteed pay for any game installation that’s made through the affiliate marketer, there’s for sure a need for the marketer to promote their content to attract more downloads and therefore more pay.
  2. 2. The affiliate marketer can assume the roles of an advertiser as well as publisher, thereby incurring no expenses in running the CPI campaign.
  3. 3. You can provide lifetime value to your users. Your visitors and eventual downloader’s of your free games may find lifetime value on your website and therefore keep coming back for more downloads and installations, therefore making you more money.

Disadvantages of PPI

  1. Pay per install can only work in your favor on if you provide user likable content.
  2. There’s limited control over traffic that comes with this mode of advertising.
  3. As an affiliate marketer, it’s hard to track users involved in the PPI model, this can better be done by advertisers who seek to analyze the value the downloaded free game has provided to the user.
  4. The cost of advertising (cost per install) is increasingly rising, thereby discouraging many advertisers from marketing their free games using this channel.
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